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iOS Developer Jobs

Check out our list of top-notch iOS developer jobs! Whether you're looking to join a new startup or an established company, here you can find exciting iOS development opportunities to advance in your career in the thriving iOS development industry. All these jobs need some iOS know-how, even if it's just a little. Up to you to decide if you want to work with just iOS or other techie stuff along with it!
An iOS developer is a specialist in designing applications compatible with Apple's iOS operating system. Typically, these developers have degrees in engineering or computer science with a focus on app development. Often, they gain hands-on experience through coding courses and internships in the industry.
Today, iOS developers can work as freelancers or employees, with numerous IT consulting and application development firms offering such positions. While you can find the latest iOS developer jobs above, below we will delve into the responsibilities and skills required for this role.

What Does an iOS Engineer Do?

An iOS developer specializes in creating captivating, functional, and user-friendly applications for Apple's iOS. They engage in coding, graphical interface design, testing, debugging, and the maintenance and updates of the developed apps. Key tasks include:

Requirements for an iOS Engineer

Before starting coding, an iOS developer needs an up-to-date Apple Mac computer with the latest macOS, the integrated development environment Xcode designed for macOS, and an active Apple Developer account, subject to an annual fee of $99.
Only active members of the Apple Developer Program can develop and publish an app on the Apple App Store. Additionally, only applications signed and shared through Xcode are present in the App Store. Xcode offers a user interface designer, a testing engine, a code editor, and more.

Skills Required for an iOS App Developer

There isn't a single educational path for an iOS app developer. One can choose a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or similar technical field, followed by a master focusing on web and app development. Alternatively, some prefer attending training courses offered by Apple.
However, essential skills for an iOS developer include knowledge of iOS-specific programming languages. Typically, iOS programming involves two types of languages:
Beyond technical skills, a good iOS developer should possess soft skills, including:
Embark on a rewarding career as an iOS developer, where a blend of technical prowess and soft skills can shape innovative mobile experiences.
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