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Are you a front-end developer or looking to pursue a career in this field? Do you want to learn more about this profession and the career opportunities it offers? Explore the latest job openings for Front End Engineers. Whether you're an experienced professional or a junior, you can find the right front end developer job and kickstart a fantastic career in the IT world.
The Front End Developer is a specialized programmer in the development of the front end of websites and web applications. Using languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, the Front End Developer implements the design of a web page and codes all the elements that the user sees and interacts with.
The term "front end" refers to everything processed on the client side, contrasting with the back end, which handles operations hidden from the user and is processed on the server side.
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What does a Front End Engineer Do?

The main activities of a front end developer include:
A front end developer may also engage in analyzing and researching competitor sites, as well as replicating the functionality of specific elements visible on other pages.
Additionally, they may be tasked with designing web pages and user interfaces (UI) and optimizing the user experience (UX). While these are typically tasks for designers and UX/UI specialists, in situations without such roles, front end developers often take on these responsibilities. The same applies to SEO optimization, which, in some cases, may be directly assigned to the front end developer for on-site elements.

What does a Front End Engineer Do?

Traditional academic education is not essential, as in many other ICT positions. While some front end developers hold degrees in computer science, the key traits of a successful front end developer lie in their knowledge of technologies and their ability to keep up with the latest technological advancements. There are valuable courses that provide the technical knowledge necessary to enter the job market.
To become a front end developer, these skills are required:
Other notable skills for a front end developer include:

Career of a Front End Developer

The career of a front end developer can progress linearly through junior, mid, and senior positions. Typically, once in a senior position, the front end developer may take on management tasks, overseeing larger and more complex projects that come with greater challenges but also higher salaries.

Front End in the coming years

In front-end coding, the correct display of web elements on screens of various sizes is crucial. In technical terms, implementing responsive design, capable of adapting to both desktop screens and mobile devices, is essential. The mobile domain is particularly relevant due to the central role of such devices in everyday life and the emphasis placed on them by search engines.
Furthermore, increasing importance is being placed on user experience, focusing on the dynamism of elements rendered on the client side.
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